The World We Want: Creating a New Architecture of Knowledge

In this article, Budd Hall, University of Victoria (Canada) Chan Lean Heng, Universiti Sains Malaysia and Rajesh Tandon, Society for Participatory Research, (India) highlight the importance of community-university research partnerships and present the philosophy and activities of the Global Alliance for Community Engaged Research. Over the past decade global development agendas and civil societies’ initiatives have increasingly challenged institutions of higher education to reshape their relationships with society to develop effective, sustainable partnerships to co-create knowledge for societal change and development. At this critical moment of humanity’s survival and continuity, it is imperative that research be harnessed to enable people to solve their problems and improve their lives. To make this happen we need a new paradigm of research in academia where academes ‘research with’ and not ‘research on’ so as to engage with communities in the design, implementation and use of research to address people’s needs. As well academes have to use their resources and expertise, and harness the knowledge, experiences and capacities of communities for communities’ benefit (…) (